Mount Pleasant Public School Options

The Town of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina has some of the best schools in the Charleston Tri-County area and in the State. Wando High School & Belle Hall Elementary schools received an "excellent" absolute score on the 2008 State Report Card and Cairo Middle School received a "good" absolute score. The Principle of Wando High School, Lucy Beckham, was named the 2010 National High School Principal Of The Year by the National Association of Secondary School Principals on September 28, 2009.

Belle Hall Elementary School

  Belle Hall Elementary Web Site

Belle Hall Elementary 2008 State Report Card

Thomas Cairo Middle School

High Definition Video Of Thomas Cairo Middle School Campus
- Includes Pinckney Elementary And Laurel Grove Primary Schools

Thomas Cairo Middle School Web Site

Thomas Cairo School 2008 State Report Card

Wando High School

High Definition Video Of Wando High School Campus

Wando High School Web Site

Wando High School 2008 State Report Card

Residents of I'On also have the choice of a number of private and parochial schools in the Charleston area to which to send their children.