The "Soft" Landscaping Has Started

October 6, 2010

Tree replacement required.  Removal of each protected, significant or historic tree, except as provided elsewhere in this chapter, shall require replacement in caliper inches (American Nursery Stock Standards) as defined in the following divisions.  Total number of inches removed from the site is measured at a diameter breast height (DBH) 4.5 feet above the ground.  Replacement trees must be planted within a defined period of time not to exceed six months from the date of removal of the protected, significant or historic tree from the developed site.  In the case of new construction, replacement plantings shall be required prior to the final inspection of the project.  In all cases, any vegetation planted in accordance with this section shall meet or exceed the latest version of ANSI  Z 60.1 American National Standard for Nursery Stock.

See Mt. Pleasant Tree Removal Ordinance

See Mt. Pleasant Tree Removal Ordinance

See Mt. Pleasant Tree Removal Ordinance

Information On Planting & Maintaining A Live Oak Tree

October 19, 2010

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